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Aug 22nd
wonderful tray ceiling design

Tray Ceiling Design – Tray ceilings are a style of loft where the ceiling looks like a tray that has been turned upside down. The sides of the caps often have square edges arranged in the form of a series of steps along the wall to the surface of the ceiling. The main advantage of the tray ceiling is that it increases the perceived height of the room.

Decorating tray ceiling design – molding; Crown molding Stoppers an effective means of creating tray ceiling framing. If you have a tray ceiling in places like the living room or dining room where your guests sit, so casting will help to draw your visitors attention towards the ceiling. It enhances the look of the room manifold, and I’m sure your idea will be appreciated for. Choose a paint color as dazzling white or a rich brown shade to paint your crown molding.

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Decorating tray ceiling design – Painting: When it comes to painting tray ceilings you can experiment much as the shape of the ceiling is quite unique. The paint will give maximum attention to the unusual feature of the tray ceiling. If you paint tray ceiling with some dark shades, so it will help to give a sense of intimacy and warmth into the room. On the other hand, choosing a lighter color will provide an open and airy feel.

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