Replace and Install the Linear Shower Drain

Sep 19th
Linear Shower Drain Ideas
Linear Shower Drain Ideas

Linear shower drain – A body shower drain enters the water in the shower to the drain pipe located under the floor of the shower. A body linear shower drain must be secured to shower with plumber’s putty, preventing water from seeping around the drain body. The drain body kit also comes with at least a rubber gasket, if not a metal washer and retaining nut and tailpiece keep moving and allowing leakage after installation is complete.

Remove the screws holding the cover linear shower drain in place with a Phillips screwdriver. Insert a drain cock in the body opening linear shower drain, keeping the texture end drain cock up. Turn the dial on the center of the drain key, the key expansion of the walls of the drain body until the drain cock fits perfectly. Clamp a socket wrench to finish textured the drain cock and turn the drain cock to the left, unscrew the drain body of the drain pipe and break the seal of plumber’s putty under the edge of the body drain.

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Insert a finger into the linear shower drain opening in the floor of the shower and push down the drain pipe to the side slightly.  Roll plumber’s putty between your hands to form a rope. Wrap plumber’s putty around the bottom lip of the new drain body and cut off any overlapping piece of putty.  Insert the key and expand drainage in the new drain body, hold the wrench on top of the drain cock and turn the key clockwise until tight drainage.

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