Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

Sep 23rd
Stainless Steel Pedestal Sink Storage
Stainless Steel Pedestal Sink Storage

Pedestal sink storage – Replace a pedestal sink another for fit is not really very complicated, some day we will have here. But if you do not want to get into mess, or if you live in a rented apartment and not let you make any change, today we are going to offer some alternatives simple so you can also have a storage space under the sink.

Pedestal sink storage, the first solution that occurs to us all is a round metal cart, the kind you get at any supermarket DIY for just 15 Euros. Of course it is a very economical and practical workaround, but has a small aesthetic drawback, everything is visible and that makes it look messy bathroom and even smaller than it really is.

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For the more romantic pedestal sink storage, perhaps there will come another image to mind: that of a curtain that covers the foot, as you see in the images. Yes, it is an interesting idea, and combined with the cart, but is somewhat awkward and requires some skill with the needle. So let’s think of furniture with shelves, doors or drawers, as the most suitable alternative. There is not much variety in the market, but the builders are still endeavoring to deliver most of the houses with pedestal sinks.

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