Making Wall in Cube Storage Unit

Oct 2nd
Wooden Cube Storage Unit
Wooden Cube Storage Unit

Cube storage unit – are simple but effective storage in practical design. Its shape makes them even stackable and easy to organize in different configurations.  Remove the existing nails or headlines and photos that might get in the way of storage cubes. Use a hammer to remove the hardware from the wall.

Mark the location of the studs. Use a stud finder and mark the walls lightly with a pencil where the studs are standing. You can use fine – tune hitting nail through the drywall in several areas until a wooden post. From builders place more wall studs 16 centimeters from each other, measure to approximate the location of the next post. Measure the width of the wall to find out how many storage bins you need to use, depending on the size of the cube storage unit. Try to find a size that fits the dimensions of the wall evenly.

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Set the bottom row of storage bins instead fit against the wall. Screw through the frame hub in the wall studs using a wood screw that is long enough to go through the time frame cube through the drywall and at least 1/2 inch in the post of the wall. Without cubed wall studs behind them, screw them with small wood screws each other through the sides, drill pilot holes after smaller to avoid splitting the wood. stack the second layer on the first layer of cube storage unit. Anchored to the wall in the same way, by driving through the frame on the wall studs or each other. You can stack the cubes alternatively whether to create media spaces between the cubes.

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