Making Log Cabin Dog House

Oct 4th

Log cabin dog house – Add architectural interest to your patio and give your dog his retirement with a rustic style doghouse. Set the table saw to 3 inches wide and run all the woods through so they are all a uniform thickness. Flatten the top, bottom and interior sides so the woods fit easily. The outer side of the beams can remain curved. Cut notches in the 42 “woods for the return joints. Set your radial arm saw 1-1 / 4” deep almost half the thickness of the wood.

Log cabin dog house, make two pencil marks on each end of the wood one 3 inches from the end and the other 6-1/4 inches from the end. In between these two marks is where the notch will be. Slice 4.1 “wide increases in the area of ​​the notch. Then use a chisel to remove the pieces of wood inside the notch area. On 14 ” timbers will only be notching one side, the unengaged side will be the entrance door. Make two pencil marks on one end of the wood one 3 inches from the end and the other 6-1/4 inches from the end (same as before), then cut the notches in the same way as before.

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Log cabin dog house, level the site for the house at 72 x 48″. Once the leveling takes place, sand was spread over the entire area about 1 inch thick. Place the pavers down on top of the sand. Make sure there is a slight slope towards the door or in front of the doghouse for proper water drainage.

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