Making Frame for Cork Board Wall

Oct 1st
Natural Cork Board Wall
Natural Cork Board Wall

Cork board wall – It’s not easy to keep track of important notes and reminders these things have a way of getting lost in the clutter of a home office. A cork board wall is the perfect solution to this problem because you have a place to hang your important documents so that they remain visible even out of the way. Measure part of the wall you want to cover with the cork board to determine the required length and height of the frame.

Divide the length and height of the wall by 12 to determine how many cork board wall tiles you will need to cover the wall. Cork board is usually sold in sets of four to eight 12 x 12 inch tiles. If your measurements do not divide equally, you can trim tiles to fit. Arrange several large sheets of foam board on a flat surface in front of you adjust the edges to form a solid sheet at least as long and as tall as your desired wall. Use a utility knife to trim away any excess foam board just the desired dimensions.

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Connect the individual pieces of foam board by placing strips of duct tape or wide masking tape along the seams between the boards. You may choose to use the tape on both sides of the foam board but taping one side should be enough to keep the boards together. Arrange cork board wall tiles on top of foam board, align the edges. If the measurements do not line up exactly cork board tiles can hang over the edge of the foam board on one or two sides. Not trimming them until they have been glued down.

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