Make the Brush in an Electrolux Canister Vacuum

Sep 8th
Top Electrolux Canister Vacuum
Top Electrolux Canister Vacuum

Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners, such as upright, use a belt-driven beater brush to agitate the dirt from carpets. Belts wear out overtime and the beater brush requires cleaning or replacement. It is necessary to open the brush on a bus vacuum to the brush and the belt. Although the securing of the suction head varies in different models, vacuum cleaners disassemble generally the same manner.

Make the brush in an Electrolux canister vacuum, Disconnect the Electrolux canister vacuum power cord. Disconnect the hose from the permanent staff of the vacuum head. Turn the vacuum head with the brush toward you. Some models require the removal of the top cover to gain access to the belt. Look for tabs near the bottom of the vacuum head. Insert a flat screwdriver into the tab slots and push the tabs out of the slots. Turn the vacuum head up and pull the cover off with your hands.

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Make the brush in a Electrolux canister vacuum, Place the vacuum head upside down again. Like the screws or tabs that secure the bottom plate to the vacuum. The base plate is the area around the beater brush. Remove the screws or loosen the tabs with a screwdriver. Lift the bottom plate from the vicinity of the suction head. The brush is now visible when the tire.

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