How to Make a Stylish Bissell Tree House

Oct 1st
Bissell Tree House Plan
Bissell Tree House Plan

Bissell tree house make the kids feel like they are at the top of the world. They are much easier to do than a hut actually placed in a tree. There are no branches to take into account. You do not even need a tree. Here’s how to do your own in the back yard.


Cut the poles to the height as you want the Bissell tree house, with four meters extra length. Dig holes that are four feet deep and six feet apart, and place the poles inside. Stabilize the poles by filling the hole with fast-drying cement. Be sure to keep the poles upright while the cement wipes. Make a square by laying four 6-foot 2-inch 6-inch boards on the ground. Cut a foot long section of 2-inch with 6-inch wood and place it over the corners and nail it as shown in the picture.

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Turn over the square and nail two and four boards along the square, as shown in the picture Bissell tree house. Cover boards with a layer of plywood, cut to fit, and nail down. This is your finished platform. Repeat steps 4 to 7 to make walls and ceilings. Remember to leave openings for a door and window. Position the platform on the poles and nail them. Nail the walls to the platform and each other. Nail on the roof. Add a wooden ladder and paint.

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