How to Make Hidden Flat Screen TV Stands

Sep 4th
Top Flat Screen TV Stands
Top Flat Screen TV Stands

Flat screen TV stands – While flat-screen TVs occupy much less space than their predecessors biggie, flat-screen television is still present in the room. Especially for highly styled and furnished rooms, this can cause a problem for the overall visual aesthetic. Hidden television state can reduce or eliminate this problem. Designate an area you would like your hidden flat screen television house wall.  Cut a recess area in the wall saw with the drywall, and a recessed area does not yet exist, to ensure that the hole is deep enough to both the depth of the TV and the wall mounting the TV. Put the wall mounting the TV; make sure that the mount is anchored to solid horse breeding. When creating a new shielding the exterior wall of the stud and the interior of the wall using drywall, then mount the television sets through the drywall to the stud.

Make hidden flat screen TV stands. Fasten track bars 3 inches of and parallel to the wall of television. This will act as the upper guide for the cover which will hide the television. The tracking would not be distributed across the entire ceiling, but only twice the width of the television.

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Make hidden flat screen TV stands, Hair removal part of plasterboard with a retractable utility knife until it is twice the length of the television and 1/2 inch shorter than the TV wall. This wall must slide on the track. Fasten unidirectional wheels on the underside of the plasterboard and track bearings to the top approximately 3 inches from the edge.  Decorate the wall, or to blend with the surrounding environment or illustrations.

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