Make a Concrete Form of A Square Vessel Sink

Sep 3rd
Square Vessel Sinks Style
Square Vessel Sinks Style

Square vessel sink come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you are remove your bathroom and want to create your own you must create a concrete sink shape using special molding material and an object such as a bowl for the model of the sink. After making the sink mold, it is a matter of pouring concrete into the mold to create the vessel sink. After making a mold, you can use it several times to sink identical ship.

Selected a similar bowl or object to your ship. Alternatively, choose one of the many square vessel sink forms available for this type of project. Remember that you should create an opening at the bottom of a bowl of template for the sink drain opening. For measure the height and diameter of the bowl. Cut two square pieces of non-stick board melamine, at least 2 inches larger than the diameter of the bowl using a circular saw. Cut four pieces of melamine length of the square cut to use as sides to the mold. Cut the four pieces of the basin height plus 2 inches.

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Ideas turn of the bowl upside down on top of one of melamine parts. Go around the perimeter of the container. Set the bowl aside. Drill a hole inside the line. Insert the blade of a jigsaw puzzle into the hole and cut around the line. Center the bowl upside down on the square vessel sink with the solid surface.

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