Installing Glass Vessel Sinks

Oct 1st
New Glass Vessel Sinks
New Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass vessel sinks – are popular in bathroom remodels because of its elegant and modern look. Instead of sitting flush with countertop bathroom sink, the container is completely exposed everywhere, and only the drain pipe is hidden. Installing a vessel sink is quite simple. The job requires some tools and can be done in an hour. Turn the water for bathing or for the house, the option that is applicable. Mark where the vessel will be installed sink and faucet in the bathroom vanity with a pencil. For best results, draw a line around both the faucet and sink in the toilet bowl. Put on goggles and drill a hole in the vanity to fit the faucet. Choose a little hole saw to match the size of the tap pipe.

Apply a bead of caulk around the edge of the drilled hole faucet. Place the faucet in place in the bead of caulk and loosely secure it with a retaining ring and washer. Pass under the vanity and pull the water line to the faucet stem. Connect the water line to the faucet stem, making first by hand, then tighten with a wrench Make a hole 1 3/4 inches at the top of the vanity with a hole saw bit. Check the specifications of glass vessel sinks to ensure a hole 1 3/4 inches is an appropriate size.

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Spread a bead of caulk around the edge of the drilled hole. Place a washer on the stem drainage glass vessel sinks, then freely set the retaining ring. Riding stem vessel sink drain in the hole in the vanity. Tighten retaining ring at the base of the vessel sink with a wrench. Connect the P-trap under the vanity sink drain the container, pressing down with a wrench. Open the water supply again and turn the ship to sink. Note that for a few moments, monitoring for leaks. If so, squeeze the water and / or sewer lines or add more putty, as appropriate.

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