Installing Dormers on Cape Cod Houses

Sep 25th
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Dormers on cape cod houses – An attic is a protruding mini-roof that extends along the side of its main roof. Dormers are added to the attics or second floor to let in more light. And also increase the amount of usable area by increasing the amount of head space. There are two main types of attics: throwing dormers, which look like a piece of the main roof has been raised to a flatter angle. And gable dormers, which have their own roof lines that are perpendicular to the main roof line.

Gable dormers on cape cod houses are aesthetically pleasing, while shed dormers are easier and cheaper to build. Remove drywall from the ceiling and insulation from an area 1 foot higher and 2 feet wider than the area where the loft will go. Then, cut through the drywall with a knife and throw it away from the joists. And also remove the insulation by hand.

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Dormers on cape cod houses, remove the shingles. Or other roofing material from the area where the attic will go, using a lever. Cut through the roof lining along the lines where the attic will go with a saw zall or circular saw.  Then remove it using a lever or lever, but leave the beams. Support the beams to be cut by screwing a 2 by 6 through them with a drill to a height on the roof, where it does not interfere with your work. Support the 2 by 6 with the posts that extend to the ground.

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