Installing Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

Sep 4th
Vintage Bathroom Pedestal Sinks
Vintage Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

Bathroom pedestal sinks are increasing in popularity due to its sleek European design and the ability to save space. Unlike traditional sinks which are embedded in the top of a cabinet, pedestal sinks are only supported by a single column, which saves a considerable amount of floor space. Fortunately, installing a bathroom sink pedestal is a simple process that does not require replacement of existing pipes. Cut two 2 x 4 boards with a saw so that each table is 34 inches long. The tables will be needed to support the weight of the sink basin before the basin is attached to the wall. Place both the basin and pedestal in the desired position, and then prepare the basin with the two tablets of 2 x 4.

Outline of the upper part of the basin on the wall and the bottom of the bathroom pedestal sinks on the floor with a marker, then mark reference points on the floor and the wall through the mounting points located on the back Basin and in the bottom of the pedestal. Set the table, pedestal sink and a hand, then use an electric drill to drill pilot holes in the floor and wall in the marked reference points.

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Secure the pedestal to the floor of the bathroom by placing the pedestal on reference points drilled into the ground, then by anchoring the bathroom pedestal sinks to the floor with screws tightened with a wrench. Place the lavatory on the pedestal so that the mounting holes of the basin is aligned with the reference points drilled into the wall, then drive the screws through the mounting holes in the wall socket with a wrench.

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