Installing A for Drop in Utility Sink

Oct 7th
Unique Drop in Utility Sink
Unique Drop in Utility Sink

Create a useful place for washing outdoor equipment or soaking laundry by adding a drop in utility sink your basement or garage. A drop in sink requires a cabinet or base in support of the sink. Floor Stone manufactures utility sinks, shower walls and tub. Their drop in utility sink does not include plumbing. Designated must purchase a faucet and drain pipe and install them on your own. When you install the drop-in sinks, the key is to create a tight seal between the sink and counter. Silicone caulks both glue materials together and makes a watertight seal.

Wipe off the rim of the counter opening for the drop in utility sink with a damp paper towel to remove any dust particles. Squeeze a 1/4-inch thick bead of silicone caulk inside the recessed channel on the underside of the rim all around the sink. Turn the sink on and carefully lower it into the hole in the cabinet. Spread PVC pipe primer and cement on the inner and outer edges of the newly cut straight pipe. Attach one end to the open part of the trap. Remove the cap from the drain and press the opposite end of the tube into the main drain.

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Set screws to lock plates on the four corners of the sink on the underside of the housing. Tighten the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver until locking drop in utility sink plates are no longer moving. Avoid pushing the screws too much in, because they can damage the outside of the sink. Connect faucet plumbing as required for your specific faucet set.

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