Install the Thermostat in a Two Story Cape Cod House Plans

Sep 27th

Two story Cape Cod house plans – Thermostats can be found in almost all newly built homes. But if you plan to build a new house, the need to replace an existing thermostat. Calculate where to install a thermostat in a two-story house is not a difficult task. You will only need some tools to get started as a screwdriver, wire hanger, new thermostat, mounting screws, tape, marker, small level, pen and possibly a digital camera.


The first thing you should do when installing a thermostat in a two story Cape Cod house plans is to turn off the power switch to the oven and air conditioner. If these switches are not turned off before pulling the wires, it may result in a fuse or even shock you. When installing a new thermostat, you should drive the air conditioner and pipes to heat up from the basement and pull them to a nearby inner wall. A small hole should then be drilled so that the cables are pulled up, pull them out.

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When the threads are pulled out they should be labeled and wound around a pen so that they do not fall back through the wall. You should then take the new thermostat and place it against the wall. Place one level on top of the thermostat bracket to make sure it is the level and continues to drill holes. When the bracket is screwed in, connect the cables to the corresponding positions. Snap on the thermostat and turn the switch again. If the thermostat for two story Cape Cod house plans is not working then you probably have connected the wiring wrong. Turn on the switch again and connect the cables until the thermostat works.

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