Install a Metal Fence Post Caps in Concrete

Sep 11th
Wooden Fence Post Caps
Wooden Fence Post Caps

Fence post caps – A metal fence used to protect a meter of small animals outside or household pet inside. It also adds a level of decor for the garden. These fences are per-packaged and sent home by the manufacturer. Then you need to install your metal fence in particular, it takes a little preparation. However, if you are handy, the installation project will take just a few hours of a typical, small garden. Each section of the fence is installed directly on the floor. Therefore, the predominant requirement for manual excavation project.

Unpack the fence packaging materials and separate the different components of the fence, including sections of fences, posts and post caps. Place the post caps at each position and fix them to the post with the screws provided.  Measure the length of sections of the fence with a tape measure and then draw the holes on each fence post caps using these measurements.

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Dig the first post hole about 18 centimeters deep for fences up to 48 inches tall, with a search engine post. Set the post into the hole and then fill the hole with soil to partially stabilize the fence post. Level fence using the carpenter’s level and adjust the fence post if necessary. Concrete mix and water within wheelbarrow instructions of concrete mix. Level position with the carpenter’s level on all four sides and adjust if necessary before commissioning and concrete cures.  Install the sliding fence section on the side of the fence. Install the next fence post caps into the ground on the other side of the fence section to complete the installation section closely.

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