Hot Dog Roller with Bun Warmer

Sep 16th
Better Hot Dog Roller with Bun Warmer
Better Hot Dog Roller with Bun Warmer

Hot dog roller piece of catering equipment but at the same time they are favored by butchers. Interest Anvil is to make life easier for both the chef by providing tools that save time and durable.

Hot dog roller is preferred because it is very suitable for small and large restaurants as well as to take the stand. If you own or manage food specializing in hot dogs then hot dog roller this is ideal catering equipment for your establishment. It has a variable heat control that makes it easy to grill sausages and it is controlled by energy regulator simmer stat. This unit weighs only 18 kilograms, but has a power output of 230 volts and 2.2 kilowatt.

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Function hot dog roller allows you to use the front or rear rollers 5 6 independent rollers. Or you could use all 11 rollers together if you have a lot of sausages for the grill. You can grill a large number of sausages at once. It is also ideal for a hotel or restaurant that serves breakfast with sausage or for the buffet which require large amounts of sausage to be prepared and ready. Hot dog roller is also preferred for convenience when it comes to cleaning the unit. Meanwhile grills sausages, fat tends to drop in between the rollers onto the tray.



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