How to Fix Leak in 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

Oct 9th
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5 gallon water dispenser – Fixing a leaky electric water dispenser quickly to avoid moisture damage to your floor. If the system starts to leak, it is often caused by a problem with the faucet or water tank. Most fixes you can solve on its own. But with more serious problems, which are usually related to the dispenser parts, please contact your dealer for help.

Remove the water tank. Pull or push the button or lever several times until it frees. Sometimes, continue button or lever sticks and water to release from the spigot. On some models, you can tap and spring be defective. First, try to remove the tap and spring. Reinstall it. Contact your dealer for spare parts if the faucet continues to leak in 5 gallon water dispenser. Remove the old faucet assembly and replace it.

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Remove the water tank. Reinstall it if you detect leaks around the bottom of the tank or on the floor. Tightly screwing the tank in a position to prevent leaks. If the water tank is not inserted correctly, the tank can leak in 5 gallon water dispenser. Check the tank for holes if leaking around on the floor or bottom of the tank continues. Remove the tank from the dispenser to inspect it closely. Even a small hole can cause a large amount of water to leak. Replace the tank, if you find a hole.


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