Decorate 2 Bedroom Cottage House Plans

Sep 28th

2 bedroom cottage house plans present a unique challenge for a homeowner or decorator. Very low walls that meet sloping ceilings can also leave the routine designer confused how to place furniture. The key is to use low profile furniture to balance with low walls.


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Paint your walls and ceiling a single pale paint. Effective colors include sage, gray, pink, butter and khaki. The soft, unbroken line of color will give an illusion of height and space. Hang light, windy cotton or linen curtains over the windows. Allow maximum light to filter into the room to add a spacious feel to your 2 bedroom cottage house plans. Place the bed against a wall under the sloping ceiling. Dress the bed in bright custom-made linen topped with a thick luxurious arena. Arrows embellished accent pillows at the tip. A beautifully dressed bed will draw attention away from the sloping ceilings and narrow spaces.

Set a small bedside table next to the bed. A lightly painted surface will complement your windy interior. Add a reading lamp and an accent 2 bedroom cottage house plans or pitcher filled with fresh flowers. Put a stuffed bench at the end of the bed. This will provide temporary seating in the middle of the room where heads will not be hit on the ceiling. Put baskets under the bench to provide additional storage.

Tips and warnings

Keep decorative accents to a minimum. Too much junk will make your room look smaller. Background will make the room look small and busy. Stenciling patterns on the walls and hanging posters reduce the walls visually.

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