How to Create Little Tikes Tree House

Oct 4th
Little Tikes Tree House Unique
Little Tikes Tree House Unique

Little tikes tree house between two or more trees, and as long as it is well balanced and secured, it does not have to be completely symmetrical. The most important step is to choose strong trees that can hold the weight of your tree house. You should choose trees that are healthy and strong, and it is close enough that you can span the distance with a single rule. Once you get the right tree, you only need to build a strong enough platform to keep the house you plan to build.


Find trees in the area where you want the little tikes tree house, which is at least 12 inches in diameter, and is no more than 12 meters apart at the longest point. You can build the tree trunk frame in almost any shape, as long as the floor in the tree trunk is staggered between two or more trees. Measure the distance between each tree. Add two meters to the measurement to leave some room for the trees to move independently of each other in the wind. These measurements correspond to the lengths of support tiles you have to cut to lay the platform.

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Measure and mark the height of the platform on each tree where the platform will rest. Bridge the distance between each tree with a length of wood or plug. Make sure that the marks are the level of all little tikes tree house. Cut support beam of 2-by-8 wood planks. Temporary screw the first rule to the bearing tree. Use a single 8-inch long 3/4 inch layer bolt to attach the rule to the tree, leaving the bolt slack enough that the rule can still move up and down freely.

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