Create a Cape Cod House Plans

Sep 30th
Vintage Cape Cod House Plans
Vintage Cape Cod House Plans

Cape Cod house plans – With just one tape measure, you can create a plan drawing of your house. The plans show a room as seen from above. These plans are useful for showing the total size of each room, its shape and layout, and the relationships between adjacent rooms. First, creating a draft plan allows you to focus on measuring and registering sizes of each room.


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Draw the shape of your ground floor in the Cape Cod house plans on paper. Measure the width and length of the outside of your house. This gives you your house footprint. Write the measurements on the plan along each line you have drawn. Note that right now, you are making a rough drawing that is not exactly saleable. Draw the shape of your living room floor on a separate paper. Measure the walls of the room and write down their lengths on the correct line in the chart.

Measure how wide each window is and far as it is in the corner of the room. Select the window on the Cape Cod house plans using a powerful line in the appropriate location on the wall line. Mark the position and size of any doors in the living room also in a heavy line. Mark the plan as the “living room”. Repeat this for your dining room and bedroom, marking each draft plan appropriately. For the bedrooms, notice any built-in wardrobes on the plan.

Tips and warnings

Follow draft conventions on the scale plan by drawing two parallel lines to represent a wall. Use a program to draw your scale plan instead of using plain paper. Extend the layout by checking the size and position of your furniture.

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