Cleaning Plastic Utility Sink

Sep 8th
Wall Mount Plastic Utility Sink
Wall Mount Plastic Utility Sink

Plastic utility sink is in many areas of the kitchen and bathroom, as they are cheap and require little maintenance. As with any other sinks, plastic sinks are constantly in contact with food, soap and dirt leaving an unattractive layer on the surface of the pool. Instead of cleaning the plastic sink with an expensive commercial cleaner, make your own homemade cleaning solution using some household ingredients inexpensive.

Plug the plastic utility sink and sprinkle 1 tbsp. of dish soap in the bottom of the sink. Pour hot water into the sink until the water line is 4 inches tall. Agitate the water to create lather. Add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the water as well, which is disinfected. Rub the plastic sink with a nylon, which is slightly abrasive but not scratch the plastic. Scrub in small circular movements, cleaning the whole structure of the pool and the surrounding hardware.

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Drain and rinse plastic utility sink sponge nylon with clean hot water. Clean the wet sponge on the sink again to wash the cleaning solution and waste raised. Rub small patches of rubber residues with a cleaning. Moisten the eraser with water and pass on the points to be deleted. Rinse the sink with water when finished cleaning.

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