Changing Out Gas Fire Pits

Sep 5th
Gas Fire Pits Kit
Gas Fire Pits Kit

Gas fire pits of electric stoves fit into a rectangular cut on the kitchen counter to provide a cooking surface, where a full-size stove may not be possible or desirable. The apparatus is constructed with a lip around the edge that is placed on the counter to keep it in place. Locking bars keep the stove safely under the counter, where gas and electrical connections can be found. Use basic to change a stove in an hour or less tools. A few additional steps are required for a gas stove, but the basic setup is the same for both types.

Turn off all controls from the oven and let cool. Disconnect the power cable under the counter of the stove. Remove the screws at the bottom of the stove where the hardware is connected to a metal locking bar under the counter, usually along the front and rear edges of the device. Use the wrench. Save the screws.

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Pry the front edge of the cooking surface of the counter to get a grip on the apparatus. Lower the new device in the cabinet opening so the stove controls facing forward. Place the metal rod lock in position at the front edge below the cooking surface and secured with screws, tighten with the wrench.

Connect the power cord to the electrical outlet inside the cabinet under the cook top. Apply gas fire pits sealant around the threads of the valve in the main fuel line inside the cabinet.

Slide the hose connector on the end of the cooking plate on the threads of the valve and turn the connector clockwise to lock in the valve. Turn the handle of the gas fire pits valve in parallel with the gas line to open the valve. This releases gas to the stove.

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