Change Utility Sink Faucets

Sep 10th
Vertical Utility Sink Faucets
Vertical Utility Sink Faucets

Utility sink faucets – Installing a new faucet is a good way to improve the appearance of a sink and faucet combination, a better match decor or replacement of a defective unit. Faucets come in kits with all fittings, gaskets and nuts that are necessary for proper installation. They come in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes ranging from simple utility sink faucets to bathrooms to kitchens.

To change utility sink faucets, Turn off the water supply valve under the sink handles counterclockwise to stop the flow of water to the faucet. Turn off both the valves of hot and cold offerings. Turn on the faucet to the drain lines. Place a bucket or container under the sink to collect and drain water pipes under the water. Remove the nuts on the underside of the sink freely to the crane.

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Remove any dust, soap residue, sediment or putty residue off the utility sink faucets with a scouring sponge and rinse with clean water. Roll a thin tube of putty and place it around the faucet holes. Insert slip rings provided with the kit on the crane delivery came ends under the sink and use the key to the unit at the sink. Wrap Teflon tape to the threads on the faucet ends and connect the hot and cold water supply lines. Set the clock supply valves, one by one, to the flow of water into the lines.

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