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Sep 16th
Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 13

Carpet stair treads – The carpet in the household can increase the aesthetic impression of the room. Besides carpets can also be used as a decorative element on the ladder, as in general we see in hotels when will enter from the lobby. While in the household, the carpet can also have multiple functions enhancer aesthetic impression of the room, now present carpet stair treads for a more elegant and modern.

Besides as an addition to the aesthetic impression of the room, carpet stair treads it also have several other functions of beauty, such as: giving a sense of comfort when you are my feet on the ladder that you seal with the carpet, you’ll feel the tranquility on the back foot. Soft carpet surface which can be a medium for foot therapy and also protect the feet from the cold floor. In addition to the carpet would reduce the risk of danger of falling from ladders caused because the stairs were slippery.

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Then carpet stair treads can also beautify the stairs. By choosing a carpet that has the size, motif and form corresponding to the width and length of the stairs and the interior design around it will be able to make the ladder becomes more beautiful with the charm of the carpet. The next advantage is customizable with the impression to be formed.

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