Building Cottage House Plans with Porch

Sep 25th
Unique Cottage House Plans with Porch
Unique Cottage House Plans with Porch

Cottage house plans with porch can be used as a natural retreat, hunting hut, mini-vacation home, workshop, and studio or guest cottage. Cheap, easy to heat, cool and simple design; provide a cabin shelter, warmth and satisfaction of building it yourself. Consider using salvaged materials to save money and add a unique age character to your structure.


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Clean and level construction cottage house plans with porch, removal of trees, rocks and obstacles. Position the cabin to take advantage of sunlight and in a well-drained place that is not subject to flood or avalanche. Secure building permits if needed in your area. Draw a sketch of your cabin to determine size measurements. Plan the location of the door and window. (Avoid placing windows on the north side of the cabin in a cold climate.)

Build a foundation of stone for cottage house plans with porch, concrete block or four-way tire block. Construct the floor frame with 2×6 pressure impregnated wood viewed at 16-inch intervals. Spike the floor beams together using beam shoe and 2-inch spiral shaft nails. Place the floor frame and hold the foundation. Cover the floor frame with 5.8-inch pressure-impregnated plywood. Attach plywood to the frame with 2-inch wood screws; do not set more than 8 inches apart. Install windows and hang the door. Install weather streak around the door frame. Sealed window frames with waterproof joints. Enjoy your new cabin.

Tips and warnings

Always wear safety goggles and hearing protection when working with power tools.

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