How to Build a Tree House Tent

Oct 7th
White Tree House Tent
White Tree House Tent

Tree house tent – Every kid loves a hut and wants to be in the backyard. Even families without a tree big enough to accommodate a hut can buy standalone tree house kit. Whether in a tree, part of a piece of structure or independent, a tree house is a relatively simple family project.


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Select a suitable tree or area for your stand-alone tree house tent. The vision should be place too close to power lines. Cut out branches that may be in the way of your platform or pages. Determine a design. There are many websites that offer tree house plans, or go to your local home delivery store for a kit. Purchase all deliveries that are need at once, if possible. This does not prevent having enough hardware, proper tools and screws and nuts to complete the job.

Secure the foundation. If you only use the base of the tree, make sure the tree you choose is thick and sturdy. Place the side marks. Space between the rails should be close enough to the fact that a child’s head does not fit. When attaching play equipment, such as an image, to the structure, make sure all pieces are properly bolted to the tree trunk.

Tips and warnings

Waterproof your tree house tent with a card deck sealer or use pressure impregnated wood. Check with your city or municipality for codes relating to the construction of the tree house before you begin.

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