How to Build a Portable Swamp Cooler

Sep 29th
Vintage Portable Swamp Cooler
Vintage Portable Swamp Cooler

Portable Swamp Cooler– A swamp cooler using an air mover to pull hot, dry air through a wet pad, causing the water to evaporate, which in turn lowers the temperature in the air. The same air mover so blowing the processed air into the room to be cooled. Under optimum conditions, this process can lower the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees. Because it is difficult to supply portable swamp coolers with pressurized water, they are typically designed so that you can easily and conveniently wet down the evaporation pad outside.

Using a craft knife to cut a 20 x 12 inch hole in one side of a heavy-duty 45-gallons trash can with a lid and the handle clip to secure it in place for portable swamp cooler. This hole will accept a 22 x 14 inch evaporative pad that you can make into place using duct tape or by threading nylon thread back and forth through the pad and the trash can 10-inch intervals, effectively “stitching” pad on the inside of his hole . Use an aspen wood evaporative pad that will be much more effective than a blue synthetic, of the type which are more aggressive marketing.

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Cut a very small hole in the opposite side of the garbage can accept isolated accordion trunking (clothes dryer air conditioner); this hole will transfer treated air from portable swamp cooler for duct work serves location to be cooled. Glide air conditioner two inches inside the trash can, snap it in place with nylon thread or duct tape, use the air conditioner sealing foam to close any leaks around the air conditioner so no conditioned air can escape at the edges.

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