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Oct 7th

Light house cape cod – Create simple wooden beacon lawn ornament to add a decorative touch to your porch. The lighthouse can complement other lawn features and ornaments, create an ocean motif and light the lawn during matches. Chop six tables on the table saw to be 36 inches long. Rip the six boards so that they are only 8 inches wide. Do not decrease the tables.

Make light house cape cod, tilt the table saw 30 degrees to create a 60 degree corner on one side of the wood. Place the fence of the saw perpendicular to the table. Turn on the saw and push the plate through the saw with the push rod. Repeat on the other side of the board so there are two corners on the same wide side of the board with corners at an angle of 60 degrees.

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Light house cape cod, glue the cut edges of the six boards together so that the joints form a hexagon. Tie the boards together with a rope. Do not over tighten the rope or cut on the boards. Make sure that the ends of the boards are still with each other. Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry completely. Cut the final joints of the tower. Trace the base of the plywood tower. Add 1 inch all the way around the contour and cut the base. Trace the base and cut an identical shape. Then, use wood glue to attach the bases to each side of the tower. And also weigh the bases stuck with a heavy object, like a jug of milk full of water.

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