Attaching Glass Frosted Window Film

Oct 8th
Elegant Frosted Window Film
Elegant Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film – First measure the window where you want to apply the film. Transfer your measurements to the film and cutting the film 1/16 inch smaller on all sides with a knife and a straight edge. Try placing the film to make sure it fits properly, and then set it aside. Second wash your windows completely. Use a glass cleaner to degrease the first window. You must remove this cleaThird steps to attaching of glass frosted window film wash your windows a second timener totally or negatively affect your movie.

 with baby shampoo no-tears in a gas bottle with distilled water. 1/4 teaspoon mixture shampoo gas bottle eight ounces of distilled water. Dry the windows using coffee filters. Get the windows as clean as possible. Fourth spray the window from the top of the bottom with large amounts of gas / shampoo, until the glass is dripping wet. Remove the liner of the film – being careful not to bend or fold of the film.Place the film on the glass with the adhesive side towards the glass.

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Align the corners and the top soft part from the center out with your hands. When the film is in the desired position, sprayed a second time with water gas shampoo. Last squeegee the film from the center to the top, bottom and sides to remove moisture between the film and the glass and the top of the film. Use a squeegee six inches of good coverage. Blot excess liquid with coffee filters. Your attaching of glass frosted window film was done.

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