Alternatives for Cork Bulletin Board

Sep 10th
Spring Cork Bulletin Board
Spring Cork Bulletin Board

Cork bulletin board – Whether you study like you have an office or you like having organized tasks at home, cork bulletin board is a classic on our walls. No self-respecting youth room without his desk and corkboard behind to collect all the inspiration, notes and schedules. If you do not want to give up the practice of having a cork board but are looking to be more original, we propose some alternatives to capture your ideas without sacrificing aesthetics. The first option for cork bulletin board is to place a large frame to frame your wall. It serves to define the space where paste your papers and photos, in addition to a small rope that goes from side to side and you can hang any notes with the help of small pliers. What are you up short space? As you add another row of rope, or all you need.

Original really is as follows felt board, for which you can use different canvases covered this material or any fabric you like. Once you have them covered, hang them on the wall as if they were making a mosaic paintings. Or if you prefer, choose a large canvas and felt delete it whole to get a large board with the finish you want. On this board if you can use thumbtacks as in the traditional cork, the holes will not be felt.
Although we are accustomed to find in other environments, whiteboards are somewhat less views indoors. In them we can write down anything you want to remember or drawing with colored markers to decorate. Choose a very big and complement board using sticky notes stacked on the same surface so you do not forget anything. Does not cork come from trees? For as wood, they have had to think here. And with that logic, instead of a cork, they have used one timber to fulfill the same function. The result we love, but we recommend that instead of using tacks; hit your notes or photographs with tape or putty for wood remains perfect.

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